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Car and Road

Story of an
empowered attendee

Priya moved to Australia in 2017 despite being an excellent driver, she had a little knowledge of the car maintenance and safety.

Priya joined ALO’s car maintenance and safety workshops where she was introduced to the basics of car maintenance and was amazed at all the small details required to keep the car running smoothly.

Following the workshop Priya no longer has to worry about car maintenance. She was confident that she could now keep the car in good working order and address any problems that arose quickly. She was grateful for the opportunity to learn and was proud of all she had achieved.


To increase women’s abilities to properly maintain cars for road safety and to build confidence in driving responsibly.

Why the need

For many women, cars can serve as a sanctuary or a chance to escape an abusive relationship in addition to serving as a means of mobility. While many women are capable drivers, they frequently rely on their partners, fathers, brothers, or other males to take care of the automobile when it needs maintenance. This dependence can leave women susceptible to the whims and priorities of others as well as fuel underlying stereotypes and power dynamics. This dependence can also be a big barrier to women fleeing domestic violence situations.
On a broader level, this project seeks to address two major causes of violence against women: gender inequality and rigid stereotypes of male/female roles, both of which disempower women and increase their vulnerability.

What we did

Two 3-hour workshops on car care and maintenance were held in 2022 to educate women on how to drive safely.

The workshops included a segment on road safety from the Australian Federal Police (AFP), followed by a hands-on segment on car maintenance and care in which participants could check oil, add water, and change a tyre.

These workshops were funded by the ACT’s Women’s Safety Grant and were well received by the participants who attended.

We are grateful to the ACT’s Deputy Chief Minister and Minister for Women, Yvette Berry, for inaugurating the workshops and her ongoing support for this unique innovative program. We also acknowledge Australian Federal Police (AFP).


40 women
receive car
safety training



sold out prior
to any


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