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Our Aim

Aloʼs mission is to uphold and promote gender equality, womenʼs leadership and empowerment, specifically within the Culturally and Linguistically diverse women. Womenʼs health matters. All too often we ignore symptoms of health risks as we prioritise and try to balance work, family, social and self. But if you are not healthy, how can you look after others around you.

Against this backdrop, Alo enlightened women incorporated has started HerHealth series to raise awareness and share knowledge about diseases that women are vulnerable to.

Every month we bring you access to a health expert and tackle a Heath aspect through our HerHealth w/Alo.

Episode 1


This episode discusses PCOS, a female hormonal disorder. As a condition affecting 12-21% of women of reproductive age yet up to 70% of women remain undiagnosed.

Our first Expert Guest is: Dr Sonia Hossain OBGYN MBBS FRANZCOG. Dr Sonia Hossain is a specialist obstetrician and gynaecologist with over 12 years’ clinical experience in Australia. She has trained in Australia and overseas as an Obstetrician and Gynecologist. Her main interests are in general obstetrics, laparoscopic surgery and colposcopy.

Episode 2

Health Literacy Information Session

The Health Care Consumers’ Association (HCCA) Inc of the ACT is presenting a workshop that helps people understand how the health system works and how to move around in it. This workshop is called Navigating the health system: Choosing the right service for you. In this session we:

Learnt about the different types of health services that are available in the ACT and improve your ability to choose the right service at the right time for your needs

Overview of Health Services in the ACT - from minor to major illness/injury

• ACT Health online including Find a Health Service
• Pharmacies
• Health Direct
• Walk-in Centres
• GPs – business hours and after hours options
• Ambulance and Emergency Department
• Mental health services

Health expert: Yelin Hung is the Health Care Consumers Association’s Multicultural Liaison Officer. She also works with CALD communities and individuals to help them understand the ACT health system and get the most out of their health care.

Episode 3

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting Australian women. In 2021, it is predicted that 20,825 Australians will be diagnosed with breast cancer, an average of 57 people every day.

Health expert: Dr Mahbuba Khanom Mukta, MBBS, MPH, FRACGP, General Practitioner, Liverpool, NSW. Dr Khanom started her career in Australia on 2006 and has over ten years of experience as a GP. She gained her fellowship with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and now she is an examiner for the RACGP. Her clinical interests include women’s and children’s health, preventative medicine and mental health.

Episode 4

Can Counselling Help?

CALD communities, in particular women, often rely on informal support systems, such as families, elders or religious leaders, rather than counselling to deal with relationship problems. Counselling carries an unspoken stigma - a fear of bringing shame or of being judged by others and/or the counsellor. In this episode of HerHealth w/Alo, we unpack why counselling can be useful to deal with relationship problems be it with family, children, work colleagues or friends.

Health Expert: Dr Nahid Siddiqui FRANZCP Staff Specialist Macurther mental Team Sydney Southwest local health. VMO Northside Group Macarthur Clinic Ramsay mental health.

• CCI Help Resources:
• Sane help resources:
• Mind spot:
• My compass: ​

Episode 5

What multicultural women say about their health

In episode 5, we talk to Julia Tran about what multicultural women say about their health! Based on WHM's recent survey with 216 women from culturally and linguistically women in the ACT, Julia will share the issues, concerns, and barriers raised. Dr Lubna Alam, Associate professor and founder of Alo, will then share how the survey findings informed the content of the upcoming episodes in 2022 to bring access to health experts at the comfort of your homes.

Health Expert: Julia Tran is one of Women’s Health Matters’ Senior Health Promotion Officers. Since joining the team, Julia’s work has included borderline personality disorder, sexual and reproductive health, sexual assault, multicultural women’s health, public safety, and active transport.

Episode 6

Healthy Bodies, Healthy life

A healthy body is key to healthy mind and life. We discuss on weight, diet, fitness and how this is impacted by culture and multicultural backgrounds.

Health expert: Amber Hutchison is currently in a rewarding role in First Nations policy, while spending most of her career in health-related service delivery, research and policy fields as a dietitian and former Women’s Health Matters director on their board.

Episode 7

Can Counselling help us? Adolescent mental health and wellbeing

Often culturally diverse communities and widely children rely on themselves or others as a support system, rather than counselling to fight with common mental health adversity. Counselling carries an unspoken stigma, of arising shame when seeking help. The fear of being judged whilst still being young, naive and insecure at school. This episode of the HerHealth Series w/Alo explores why counselling can be significantly beneficial for adolescence to lead the better life.

Health Expert: Dr Nahid Siddiqui FRANZCP Staff Specialist Macurther mental Team Sydney Southwest local health. VMO Northside Group Macarthur Clinic Ramsay mental health.

Episode 8

Get to know your sexual and reproductive health

In episode 8, we break through our unspoken barrier between women and their sexual and reproductive health. This episode ventures into an uncensored and educational talk from what are a variety of sexual health checks to knowing when and how to get one.

Health Expert: Megan Taylor is a primary health care nurse practitioner. She has worked at Women’s Health Service in Canberra since February 2011. She is passionate about working with marginalised people and aims to empower clients through health care.

Episode 9

Can counselling help us? Relationships and marriage

Healthy relationships are key to a healthy life. Dr Waqar helps us understand the struggles within CALD relationships and why fearing shame when turning to couples counselling is NOT true. She further explains to us when counselling is greatly beneficial and when late is too late.

Health Expert: Dr Shaista Waqar has 22 years of experience in the mental health field. Currently, she is working as a Counsellor at Relationships Australia and is engaged in teaching at the University of Canberra. She is focused on counselling with individuals, couples, and families; specifically with CALD backgrounds.

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