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To support women from CALD backgrounds
• in building capacity towards financial security, independence, and wellbeing
• by raising awareness about financial abuse, especially among the victims of domestic violence.

What’s included in our financial toolkit for Women?

Develop a healthy relationship with money
Recognise warning signs of financial abuse.
Discover a diverse arena of support & resources
Manage everyday budgets and finances
Plan for retirement and superannuation
Discover paths to financial security and independence.
Build, secure, and maintain their financial independence

Why the need

As women we are programmed from a young age to care for those around us but what about our money and our needs? Understanding how to navigate our money is one of the most fundamental skills in life that helps us be able to meet our basic needs now and into the future. Research has shown that women’s relationship with money is impacted by gender, cultural stereotypes, and systemic barriers:

Only one in two women have basic financial literacy skills.

Financial abuse costs the economy $15.6 BILLION every year.

One in six women has faced some form of financial abuse

One of the main reasons women return to relationships of domestic violence is due to financial insecurity.

Financial abuse are most common form of elder abuse

COVID-19 related stressors have resulted in an increase in abuse against migrant and refugee women.

What we did

Financial literacy workshops organised in collaboration with financial experts from our partner organisations; and conceived, designed, led, and delivered by migrant women for migrant women.

The Hon Multicultural Minister, for ACT government, Tara Cheyne has been a patron of this initiative. We are grateful to Ms. Cheyne for her ongoing support.

• Harmony through Financial Literacy” 2021

• Financial Toolkit for Women 2021 • Caring for your Money 2022

• Two ground-breaking f2f workshops in 2021 (90 participants)


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